Mind4Energy combines more than 20 years of PV experience in design, commissioning and testing of plants and systems.
We have the necessary tools to analyze and optimize your PV-plant. We perform power analysis to investigate local grid interactions, we do current and insulation tests…
For our service activities and interventions we have skilled and experienced personnel.

Services offered

  • Daily follow-up of PV plants via Mind4Energy Monitoring Portal
  • In case of problems: immediate diagnosis via Mind4Energy Monitoring Portal and notification of plant owner.
  • On-site diagnostics by means of advanced measurement devices such as insulation meter, thermal camera, module specific current and voltage measurements and power analysis for local grid issues
  • Identification of PV problems, contact with manufacturers and installers, implementation of the solution
  • Yearly on-site plant inspection and report with recommendations
  • Design review of existing installations (shadow analysis, electrical AC and DC, structure, monitoring)
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