Mind4Energy MINT® Power Plant Control

The Mind4Energy power plant control acts on the inverters to remotely control active and/or reactive power of the facility. It can also act on the switchgear for coupling or decoupling the plant. Response times of a few seconds can be reached.

Available features

  • Real-time monitoring and real-time control of a utility-scale PV plant or portfolio
  • Control of the PV plant based on dynamic signals like real-time or forecasted energy prices
  • Control of active power with or without ramp rate
  • Control of reactive power*
  • Frequency support
  • Voltage support*
  • Power Factor-control*
  • Export limitation
  • Battery management
  • Soft start and soft stop of the facility
  • Compliance with DNO/TSO communication requirements
  • Flexible interfaces and secure connections with third parties*also at night if supported by inverters
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