Mind4Energy MINT® Portal

Using the newest data streaming technologies Mind4Energy MINT® makes it possible to monitor and control your PV-assets in real-time.

Depending on the connectivity with the PV site, update times of less than a few seconds can be achieved.

Two-way communication means that from the control room, the operator can adjust the plant or portfolio output by sending control commands to the MINT® Power plant control (PPC). The control commands can act on the inverters (impacting active or reactive power) or on the switch gear (in order to achieve a remote disconnect or reconnect of the plant). The controls can be done in real time or can be scheduled.

Mind4Energy MINT® also offers the possibility of a local portal (MINT® Local) on a server in the on-site control room. MINT® Local offers the same features as the cloud version.

Key Features

Portfolio Overview

  • A real-time overview of the most important KPI’s of your PV-assets, organized per portfolio.

Plant dashboard

  • Real-time status of the plant
  • List of Active alarms
  • An interactive representation of the plant with the status of the main components
  • A graph of the main metrics

Interactive single line diagram of the plant

A single line diagram (SLD) of the plant with real-time values and statuses and with drill-down functionality.


Our API offers a secure way to transfer the monitored data to other software applications. The API can also receive scheduled control setpoints, which curtail the plant or portfolio to the desired level at the desired moment.

Other functionalities included:

  • A power control page to remotely control your PV assets either in real time or scheduled.
  • An analysis page, where data of each device of each plant can be visualized and compared
  • An export tool
  • An alarms page
  • A reporting tool
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