Mind4Energy MINT® Data acquisition


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Decentralized, modular concept Solution can handle commercial, industrial and utility scale projects.
Robust solution Mind4Energy uses industrial quality PLCs. These devices are also used in industrial automation applications and are more robust then PCs. For instance a PLC can resist peak electrical conditions (voltage peaks and dips) and can operate in a wider temperature range (-25 °C .. 55°C). The different readings are brought straight to the PLC without additional converter units.
Flexible solution I/O cards can be added in function of the project needs.
Memory 20 days local memory for data storage in case of transmission problems.
Optional components • UPS and battery
• 3G/4G modem or router with VPN capability
• Fiber optic capability
• Satellite communication can be included
• Integration of CCTV is possible
Meteo stations Meteo stations are integrated. The sampling methodology is approved by the sensor manufacturer and can be adjusted according to the client’s requirements.
Energy meters Energy meters and power analyzers can be integrated. AC-side monitoring is possible.
VPN / GUI Mind4Energy provides secure remote access to the PV site. Datalogger settings can be checked / changed remotely using the Mind4Energy Graphical User Interface (GUI).
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