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Mind4Energy MINT®
Power Plant Control

Mind4Energy MINT®
Data Acquisition

With the continued growth of renewables on the grid, network operators find it increasingly challenging to balance supply and demand dynamically.

The evolution towards Smart Renewables is accomplished in two ways:

  • Via new grid requirements (mandatory) as specified in the Requirements for Generators (RfG), issued by the European Union, which are translated to national requirements by each member state.
  • Via new services that can be offered to the TSO or DNO which can lead to additional sources of income. For instance, Belgian network operator Elia will modify the reserve products (aFRR and mFRR) to day-ahead, 4-hour blocks in order to allow renewables to participate from July 2020.

But PV plant owners don’t need to wait for the launch of these new services; already today, controllability can result in a significant return due to the increased incidence of negative imbalance prices. The ability to reduce the output of a PV site in real time based on imbalance prices can significantly increase the value of the energy produced.

To allow PV plant owners to unlock the value of flexibility, Mind4Energy developed a new PV plant control system: Mind4Energy MINT®.



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